About What Will the Neighbors Say?

What Will the Neighbors Say? is a Brooklyn-based theatre company with a mission to provoke questions through untold stories. We create original work through historical research, extensive development, and intentional staging that highlights moments which have been overlooked or deliberately erased. We exist, in the most fundamental sense, to create theatre about stories we perceive to be absent from the mainstream cultural zeitgeist - namely, analytical studies of forgotten historical figures, moments, and events. The company believes in the power of these stories to inform the present, and contests that only the ability to look at our past can allow us to plan and prepare for our collective future. We lean into the chaotic and complex, using theatrically innovative and form-bending techniques to invite the audience to look at forgotten stories in a new way. Through the inclusion of multimedia elements that explore the intersection of theatre, film, and movement, we challenge our audiences through both content and form, aiming to create lasting impressions that provoke questions and catalyze conversations in our audiences and community. Uniting all of our target audiences is a collective experience of having their stories stifled and underrepresented in broader conversations. Through our deliberate and inclusive research, outreach, and artistic work, WWTNS? aims to give these communities a voice, providing a space for honest discussions to take place through the theatrical experience.

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