About Women From Mars Theatre


Women From Mars is a collaboration of three dynamic female performing artists, Francesca Chilcote, Dory Sibley & Echo Sibley. We began collaborating in 2013 driven by a mutual passion to explore the struggles of women in different stages of life. This idea metamorphosed into the show “Silent Reflections: A Clown Noir Cabaret” which we premiered in 2014 at The Crisis Arts Festival in Arezzo, Italy. Since then, we have toured the piece throughout Italy and North America.

Responding to our global socio-political climate, we continue to explore modern political and social issues through the lens of women and girls. Intended for all ages and genders, our work seeks to inspire laughter in children and recognition in adults.

We hope to impact political, cultural, and economic divisions by inciting an inter-generational dialogue, creating a space for children and parents to engage in difficult conversations about what is happening on the world stage.  In our work, we strive to create a communal experience that bridges individual identities and biases through inclusivity, laughter and joy.

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