About The SuperGeographic Ensemble Theatre

su·​per·​geo·​graph·​ic | \ˈsü-pər-ˌjē-ə-ˈgra-fik\


adjective : 

Of a culture suspended between many countries, forged by a shared respect for its distinct parts. 

It is the mission of The SuperGeographics to 

create bold new works with ensembles from diverse theatrical practices, 

exchange images and ideas across disparate cultures,

challenge form through works that are highly athletic, textually bold, and intellectually rigorous,

build an international community of local audiences and artists by touring globally.


We carry out this mission alongside our commitment to

horizontality in executive structure and the rehearsal room.

respect for all shared spaces, communities, and individuals.

joy in undertaking all creative endeavors.



More Information

Brooklyn, NY 11215
[email protected]