About The Curiosity Paradox

At the Curiosity Paradox, we consider the seemingly benign aspects of gathering people together and reframe them as a fertile ground of solidarity, resistance, learning, and creativity.

Systemic oppression is often hiding. Power imbalances are baked into everyday decision processes like meeting agendas, work schedules, and event registrations. 

We work with our audiences to slow down, expose power dynamics, and experiment with power redistribution. 

Through interactive artworks that center and model Disability access, as well as consulting, and creatively led workshops, we support essential and embodied changes in the ways groups of people make everyday decisions.

The founders of The Curiosity Paradox—Grant Miller and Jonathan Paradox Lee—are Access Artists who are queer, non-binary, Disabled people with white settler ancestry. They are organizers of the current iteration of Disability Representation (DisRep) and the co-creators of Threshold Practice, an assistive technology for theater, meetings, and any time two or more human or non-human people spend time with each other.

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