About Su Teatro

Su Teatro is a multidisciplinary cultural arts center committed to producing and promoting socially relevant Chicano and Latino art. Our work fosters the invaluable and intrinsic connection between art and cultural identity by way of high-quality original theatre, music, dance, literature, film, and visual art. Through these mediums, we uphold our decades-old commitment to bring art into the Chicano and Latino community that reflects the community’s own language,customs, and cultural heritage. Su Teatro was formed in 1972. Sparked by the nationwide Chicano Civil Rights Movement, the original company used art and culture to build community by reacquainting young Chicanos with their history. Su Teatro was created because of a need. Mexican Americans had been denied access to their history, language and culture. Teatro allowed individuals to reconnect with a positive source of self-identity. It is the third oldest Chicano theater in the world and is recognized as a leading force in both the Chicano arts aesthetic and American Theater. Su Teatro produces a full season of theater each year under the direction of Artistic Director/ Resident Playwright Anthony J Garcia, both original work and plays by and about Latinos/Chicanos throughout the Latino World

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