About Post Natyam Collective

The Post Natyam Collective is a transnational, web-based coalition of dance artists whose work triangulates between art-making, activism, and theory. Committed to the political possibility of collaboration, our online processes allow us to lovingly debate feminist-of-color, queer, and postcolonial issues through the body, creating interdisciplinary dance and media work with a critical edge. Post Natyam Collective members are steeped in South Asian and other movement forms such as bharatanatyam, kathak, kuchipudi, odissi, yoga, contact improvisation, Polynesian, house, U.S. modern and postmodern dance, release, European contemporary dance, and somatic bodywork; the training of each artist is unique. In addition to dance, we work with multimedia, theater, art installations, creative writing, music, and scholarship. Drawing on these diverse tools, we create border-crossing artistic works shared with audiences on the web, in theaters, universities, through writing and with communities. The Post Natyam Collective consists of Sandra Chatterjee (Munich/Salzburg/India), Cynthia Ling Lee (Santa Cruz), and Shyamala Moorty (Los Angeles).

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