About Maroon Arts and Culture

The National Park Service describes Maroons as formerly enslaved refugees who succeeded in establishing societies of their own. Maroon Arts and Culture is dedicated to operating in the spirit of the self-defined communities after which it is named. Our goal is to create both physical and virtual safe spaces where marginalized voices are free to express themselves, to tell their origin stories and to share their visions of the future. Founded in 2019 by Lindsay A. Jenkins (L.J.), our mission is empowerment through performance. Our initiatives include: 

  • Production and development of theatre that celebrates the culture, history, rituals and traditions of the African diaspora.
  • Investing in the future of Black theatre and Black artists.
  • Arts and culture education initiatives for students and adults.
  • Multi-disciplinary experiences that educate the public on cultural and social issues.
  • Creation of digital content for public consumption including audio performances, video recordings, and digital archives.


More Information

Burbank, CA 91501
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