About In The Margin

ITM was founded in 2015 by a group of university theatre students wanting to challenge the oppressive and abusive practices that systematically and intentionally deprived marginalized students of opportunities and training. The inaugural ITM cohort pursued justice within their university system by creating and presenting a document that outlined the creative and administrative decisions the faculty and staff had enacted that were inequitable and harmful to the emotional, physical, and professional health of QT,BIPoC students. This document was called the Legacy Letter and it not only brought attention to the harm that was being caused by the university -- it also posed solutions the staff could implement in pursuit of equitable and inclusive practices. 

The faculty’s white fragility in response to the Legacy Letter led them to ostracize and reprimand ITM’s founders by slandering them, threatening them, limiting and denying their work-study hours, harsh grading adjustment to work already submitted and credited, retroactively creating policies that would bar them from receiving grant funding, revoking and denying access to university spaces and resources that were made readily available to centered identities, and actively attempting to “blacklist” the founders from entering the theatre industry. Unfortunately, but understandably, this period of ITM’s history was exceptionally traumatic for its founders. It resulted in folx changing majors, dropping out of university, and reevaluating their involvement with the highly problematic theatre industry.  

​As a result of the adversity set by their alma mater and their local art organizations, In The Margin came together to make their own opportunities by developing and producing their own work. ITM leaned into gorilla style theatre in an attempt to circumvent the oppressive and systemic barriers that were actively placed upon them. In doing so, ITM was reminded of the  immense value of sharing and investing resources to produce underrepresented work for, and by, underrepresented people. As the founders ventured into their professional careers and continued education and training, ITM became a means for the founders to produce accessible professional theatre for the communities they hailed from. 

​Today, ITM is a service-minded, community-oriented arts and advocacy company composed of multifaceted, intersectional creative producers and community organizers.

ITM’s ensemble members work toward carving out space in the ever-changing arts industry to appropriately represent and lead with the hearts of our communities and contribute to the shift of the status quo in favor of compassion, multiculturalism, equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility. What began as an isolated incident in an educational institution has evolved to ITM leading and taking part in conversations and action toward equitable practices within the not-for-profit sector, public sector, private sector, and our communities.

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