About fidget

Fidget creates & performs experimental works of music and dance.


Fidget serves the arts community in Philadelphia, providing education, space, production support, employment and internship opportunities for local artists.


Fidget is a think tank for research and discussion, offering historical, political, and philosophical access points for a deeper understanding of the art.


Fidget tours internationally as an ambassador for the experimental arts in Philadelphia.


Fidget demystifies the performance experience, creating conversation between artists and audiences.

Fidget values curiosity, playfulness, and rigorous investigation.


Central to Fidget’s mission is decreasing the distance between art and life, between theory and practice. In our work we choose to cultivate presence, making a commitment to empathy, generosity, and hospitality. We see this as a political act. Creating richness, depth, and meaning in our lives and work is a way that we can embrace each other, and turn away from the competitive nature of our culture.


We do this by opening our space to other artists, researchers, and cultural workers who are making an impact on the world around us through hundreds of daily acts of creativity and resistance to the mainstream.




Founded in 2008, Fidget is a platform for the work of Megan Bridge (choreographer) and Peter Price (composer/video art), who bring in additional collaborators depending on the needs of each project. Bridge and Price have created more than twenty original works that involve live performance, sound, and visual design. Fidget’s work has toured throughout the US and internationally in France, Germany, Poland, South Africa, Bulgaria, Colombia, Austria, Macedonia, Georgia, and Switzerland.


In 2009, Bridge and Price opened thefidget space, a warehouse live/work space and experimental performance venue in Kensington, Philadelphia.


Legacy and historicity is an important aspect of <fidget>’s work. The company has cultivated relationships with master artists in its lineage in experimental American performing arts, for example with the John Cage Trust, with composer Robert Ashley, with electronic musician Bruce Haack, and with choreographers Lucinda Childs, Steve Paxton, and Lisa Nelson.

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