About Swim Pony Performing Arts

Swim Pony: Loud, strange and never seen before on earth! Founded in 2009 by artist Adrienne Mackey, Swim Pony creates unique and deeply investigated live experiences that defy tradition, and invite audiences to become curious, critical thinkers in the world.

Swim Pony’s collaborative team of writers, administrators, designers and community outreach coordinators worked together with 19 AWE centers to build AQUA MAROONED!, an interactive card game aimed at stimulating dialogue between players and the natural world.

A leader in works merging theater and game design, Swim Pony has recently launched experiences such as The End, a month-long ARG and immersive theater work played via text message that invites its audiences to explore their fears around death and dying; War of the Worlds, a game/theater collaboration with Drexel’s Entrepreneurial Game Studio casting gentrification as an invading alien force; and TrailOff, a mobile app using GPS to embed original audio stories on nature trails throughout the Philadelphia region. Check out these projects along with the company's advocacy and writing at www.swimpony.org

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