About Grey Box Collective

Grey Box Collective (GBC) devises interdisciplinary, experimental, and post-dramatic work about social and emotional wellbeing (i.e. we make weird art about tough stuff). GBC finds innovative ways of exploring, challenging, and igniting difficult conversations. This is achieved by living in the messy grey areas of life and tackling socially relevant topics such as hate, shame, sexual violence, depression, and anxiety. GBC was founded in 2016 by Molly W. Schenck. Since then, GBC has produced over 20 new works, created by nearly 100 artists, and partnered with a dozen local organizations. GBC has presented work at the Boulder Fringe Festival, the Network of Ensemble Theaters’ annual conference, and at the Phoenix Center of the Arts through a residency with nue[BOX].  In response to the pandemic, GBC expanded it’s digital offerings by hosting virtual workshops on Trauma-Informed Creative Practices, opening an online store with devising tools, and launching a podcast. For more information, sign up for GBC’s newsletter, check out GBC’s website, and follow GBC on social media.

More Information

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